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Shell Alexia

You can rely on Shell Alexia in a changing world

The Shell Alexia range og cylinder oils are designed to meet your challenging needs. These oils are underpinned by a rigorous scientific understanding of oil stress and their proven performance in engines.

The Alexia benefits

Shell Alexia S5 and Shell Alexia S6 cylinder oils use advanced Triple-Action Technology to help protect the latest new and modified high-performance engines against cold corrosion.

Developed to reduce the cost

Shell Alexia S5 and Shell Alexia S6 have been developed to help reduce the cost of maintaining new and modified engines.

The latest super-long-stroke engines and older engines that are modified with lowload turbocharger cut-outs can suffer from excessive acid stress and severe corrosive wear, especially under slow-steaming operations. This, in turn, can lead to high maintenance costs.

Shell Alexia S5 (BN 80) and Shell Alexia S6 (BN 100) use Triple-Action Technology to help boost acid protection beyond the level suggested by the oils’ base number (BN).

Shell Alexia S4 is designed to improve performance across a wide range of operating conditions, non-critical engines and fuel sulphur contents.1 It has over 18 million hours in operation, helps to simplify operations and gives customers the confidence to reduce cylinder oil feed rates and extend cylinder overhaul intervals.


Advanced triple-action technology for the latest new and modified engines

Whatever your engine, fuel or operating conditions, there is a Shell Alexia oil that you can rely on.― Shell Lubricants

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