• We are Shell Lubricants Distributor

    Shell is the number one global lubricant supplier, delivering market-leading lubricants to consumers in over 100 countries. Shell Lubricants brings world-class technological insights to its products, offering you the best formulations for your engine.

We know how to support you when it comes to lubricants

Since 2010, Univar Solutions has been the distributor of Shell lubricants and other lubricant brands in the Nordic region – NorwaySwedenDenmark and Finland. Univar Solutions provides a broad range of quality products for all segments ranging from the industry, to consumers as well as products for marine, aviation, agriculture and the transportation sector. The partnership between Shell and Univar Solutions also means that customers receive the best possible technical support when buying lubricants through Univar Solutions.

We are your local distributor with a global reach

We deliver the best products available in the market – but that is not enough for us. As a local distributor, we also want to maintain close ties with our customers in order to understand exactly your situation & business. This is simply the only way that we can fully support you with your lubricant challenges and ensure that you use the right lubricants. This is where we stand out by helping making your company more efficient and ultimately save energy and costs.

Our global reach is realized through our long-lasting partnership with Shell Lubricants, whom for more than 10 years straight have been named the world biggest producer of branded lubricants. Via this partnership, we have access to Shell’s world-class R&D, Technical expertise and high-performing quality lubricants. This is something we utilize to add value to you as our customer.

We are your Lubricant expert

We know that most companies can save money by using lubricants in the right way. Using high-tech, synthetic lubricants can help you reduce both the energy consumption and achieve a longer service life not only for the oil, but also for your hardware. We offer a complete portfolio for industrial companies as well as an optimized product mix for your transport fleet. The value of utilizing high-tech lubricants is often underestimated to simply extend the intervals between lubrication, which allows you to move resources from daily to planned maintenance in favor of the operation of the company.

However, longer time between oil shifts is only one benefit. Other benefits include less waste oil, reduced wear and lower energy consumption engines from using high-tech lubricants. You will need smaller amounts of lubricants, resulting in savings in several stages: less need for storage space, less administrative work and interruptions in production. The machines components last longer and there is less need for as much maintenance.