Shell LubeMatch

Which oil is the best for my car? Finding the right oil for any vehicle can be challenging if unsure what you’re looking for. Shell LubeMatch makes it easier by helping you find the right oil.

Shell LubeMatch is a free online service, that will help you find the right lubricant for your vehicle and machinery.

Originally it was designed to be used by Shell’s technical staff, but now it has been made available for all customers – and it gives you immediate access to a large database of motors, lubricants and oils including oil change intervals, required quantities etc.

It is an easy to use service. All you have to do is log in to Shell LubeMatch and choose your vehicle or machinery as well as brand and model. This immediately generates a report with recommendations of the best lubricant for your vehicle or machinery.

Using the right lubricant does not only protect and prolong the life span of your equipment. It also helps you save money on maintenance and fuel.

Shell LubeMatchUse this free online service to find the right lubricant for your vehicle in only a few seconds.