Advanced biodegradable transformer oil

Shell Diala S5 BD is a biodegradable transformer oil with excellent cold temperature performance, providing protection and efficiency to transformers across the globe.

Readible Biodegradable Shell Diala S5 BD is the latest addition to the Shell Diala range of high-performance transformer oils. It is readily biodegradable, meaning it is suitable for environmentally sensitive locations that require safeguarding against spills.

However, improving sustainability credentials does not mean a sacrifice on performance. In fact, Shell Diala S5 BD is specifically designed to deliver peak performance in transformers under increasing pressure from growing electricity demand. Excellent cooling and heat transfer properties enable superior system efficiency, while its formulation also provides robust resistance to oil ageing and degradation.

Cold temperature performance
Transformers operate in high stress environments worldwide, but some of the toughest conditions exist in very cold or arctic climates where challenges for power professionals are aplenty. Shell Lubricant Solutions has developed Shell Diala S5 BD with a low viscosity, resulting in a pourpoint of -51ºC, providing excellent cold temperature performance to help keep business in motion.

GtL Technology formulation
Shell’s GTL technology means Shell Diala S5 BD is virtually sulphur free and does not contain any hazardous substances such as polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) and dibenzyldisulfide (DBDS). GTL base oils offer a high degree of compositional consistency and have an excellent response to antioxidants. They protect transformers from failure by reducing the risk of corrosive sulphur developing from the insulating oil.