Auto-G starts cooperation with Shell

Auto-G has partnered with Univar Solutions – Shell’s official Macro distributor of lubricants in Scandinavia and Finland – on delivery of Shell lubricants for Auto-G’s customers.

“Auto-G has been given a unique opportunity to expand our lubricant portfolio with a prominent oil brand ”, says Jan Christensen, president of Auto-G.

“We have chosen Shell as yet another new partner in the field of lubricants because we believe that this is the strongest lubricant brand in the world. This is a partner who, besides having unique products, can also a give us in depth know-how and knowledge directly from cooperation with car factories all over the world. This lives up to the quality profile Auto-G has developed over many years ”continues Jan Christensen.

“We are incredibly pleased to have entered this partnership with Auto-G. Auto-G’s profile with a strong national image, enhanced locally by the individual wholesale stores and the workshop chain Autoplus, provides  us with a good foothold for the journey we are now going on together. The cooperation in Denmark is a major step towards cementating  Shell Lubricants position as the preferred supplier of lubricants within the automotive industry.

“It is also an extension of the long-term European cooperation between Shell and Groupauto International (GAU), ” says Morten Hersoug, Nordic Sales Manager for Shell Automotive Lubricants at Univar Solutions.

Advanced lubricants produced from natural gas

The lubricants offered by Shell and Auto-G to the Danish workshops are primarily based on Gas to Liquid (GtL) technology. GtL is a Shell patented technology where the oil is extracted from natural gas. The natural gas-based oils are more stable, better purifying, and evaporates less compared to engine oils produced on crude oil. These properties are of great importance in our modern cars, where small amounts of oil and long service intervals are the conditions of today . GtL oils such as Shell Helix Ultra, additionally, gives the possibility of using relatively thin oils with improved fuel economy and less wear and tear on cold starts.

Univar Solutions is a distributor of Shell lubricants in Scandinavia and Finland. We offer a wide range of quality products for the auto industry, industry, aviation, agriculture and marine, focusing on high and qualified technical support.