Product newsletter – January 2024

At Univar Solutions, we are constantly responsive to market demands, and therefore we continuously adapt our product portfolio. For that reason, we have some product news that we would like to share with you.

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Product news:

Univar Grease Rail Switch CHHN 000

New product for rail switches and stationary rail curve applications

Univar has introduced a new technology product for rail switches and curve applications. It is called Univar Grease Rail Switch CHHN 000 and is designed for total loss applications. This means that the product is readily biodegradable and approved against the stringent demands of EU Ecolabel.

Univar Grease Rail Switch CHHN 000 is based on biodegradable
esters thickened with anhydrous calcium to give the best possible
protection against the elements. Both sunshine, rain, low temperatures and high temperatures subject a rail switch grease to degradation and loss of lubricity, but Univar Grease Rail Switch 000 is fortified with a UV protector which in combination with the calcium thickener provides the ultimate lifecycle of the product and resists both harmful UV light and water washout.

Univar Grease Rail Switch CHHN 000 has been tested successfully in
the Nordics and can be applied both via central lubrication systems,
hand pumps or manually for maximum flexibility.