Product newsletter – November 2021

It is with great pleasure that we introduce new products and inform about changes in the Naturelle series. If you have any questions or need more information, please contact our product specialist at

Major OEMs are working with Shell on creating new engine technologies in combination with new egine oils. The target for these combined efforts is a 15% CO2 reduction in on-road fleets by 2025. This would mean between 30 and 40 million metric tons of CO2 savings in Europe alone – with a cash saving on fuel cost as the prize for fleet owners.

The result: New engine oils – exclusively for modern Euro VI-d diesel engines. A new product has been introduced and several others are planned for launch in the near future.


  • For Mercedes Benz, Cummins and Detroit Diesel engines

  • Fuel economy savings of more than 3% for engine oil alone.

  • Increases in oil drain intervals

  • Specifications: Mercedes Benz Sheet 228.61, API FA-4, API SN, Cummins CES 20087, Detroit Diesel 93K223

  • Introduced in 209L drums & 20L Pails


Shell Naturelle is the brand name for the biodegradable products in the Shell portfolio.

To be classified as biodegradable according to OECD 301B, >60% need to be biodegraded after 28 days. Shell Naturelle series are Carbon Neutral – to find out more, please contact

  • To align with the name structure the hydraulic fluid Shell Naturelle HF-E has changed name to Shell Naturelle S2 HF.

  • Shell Naturelle S2 HF is classified as biodegradable (ISO 15380 HEES) and in viscosities 46 and 68 also classified as less flammable according to ISO 12922 HFDU, making it particularly suited for use in environmentally sensitive areas and in equipment operating in areas subject to fire hazards such as steel mills, mines and tunnels.

  • Shell Naturelle S4 HF 46 has been introduced. It is a fully saturated synthetic ester biodegradable hydraulic fluid and is mainly used where a heavy duty, biodegradable hydraulic fluid is needed.

  • Fully saturated synthetic ester means reduced fluid degradation in service. That gives the possibility to extended oil drain intervals compared to Shell Naturelle S2 HF 46.

  • Shell Naturelle S2 Wire Rope Lubricant A has changed name to Shell Naturelle S2 Grease A600P 1.5 and is a biodegradable grease for wire ropes and open gears.