Product newsletter – October 2023

At Univar Solutions, we are constantly responsive to market demands, and therefore we continuously adapt our product portfolio. For that reason, we have some product news that we would like to share with you.

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Shell Rimula news:

The next generation of Shell Rimula is here

The new requirements for trucks are all focused on less emissions and better fuel economy. New specifications have been arriving on the market for the last few years and more are coming. The Shell Rimula family has been extended with a new range of products called Shell Rimula R7 which are focused on the new requirements from truck OEMs. All of these products carry various OEM approvals as well as the new API FA-4 specification for enhanced fuel economy.
Please note that API FA-4 approved products are all very low viscosity products and it is not recommended to mix these with “normal” engine oils as compatibility is very limited.

Shell Rimula R7 AX 5W-30

Shell Rimula R7 AX 5W-30 is a fully synthetic API FA-4 engine oil specifically developed to meet the most stringent demands from OEMs like Volvo, Mercedes Benz and Renault trucks. This product is designed to provide cost savings in the form of better fuel economy as well as significant savings in
emissions such as CO₂.

Approvals: Volvo VDS-5, Mercedes Benz 228.61, Renault VI RLD-5, API FA-4, API SN, Cummins CES 20087, Mack EOS-5, Detroit Fluids Spec. 93K223

Shell Rimula R7 AX 5W-30 is available in 209L drums and 20L pails.

Shell Rimula R7 Plus AD 0W-20

Shell Rimula R7 Plus AD 0W-20 is a fully synthetic engine oil for Mercedes Benz trucks. The very low
viscosity provides maximum fuel economy in certain Mercedes Benz engines – and the emission savings mean that this is the engine oil for future road transport. Shell Rimula R7 Plus AD 0W-20 is approved for long drain intervals in the latest Euro 6 engines and allows operators to reduce and control maintenance costs as

Approvals: Mercedes Benz 228.71,
Shell Rimula R7 Plus AD 0W-20 is currently
available in 209L drums