Shell Argina

Choose Shell Argina to enjoy peace of mind

Proven to provide advanced oil-stress management

Market and operational changes, and new engine designs are adding to the demands made on engine oils

Using engine oil that fails to perform under today’s increased oil-stress levels can lead to increased maintenance costs, poor reliability, and needless anxiety.

We understand your desire to reduce costs and attain the peace of mind that comes with engine reliability. That is why we created Shell Argina, which is proven to resist differing types of oil stress for reduced maintenance costs and increased engine reliability.

  • Resistant to all kinds of oil stress
  • Keep your engines clean under all conditions
  • The oil that sets the standard in the business

Delivering reliability

Over 20 years of research and testing have helped us to understand oil stress. Shell Argina oils are designed to manage differing effects of oil stress to reduce downtime, keep your engine cleaner and give longer oil and component life, thereby improving engine reliability. This delivers greater vessel reliability and helps to maximise commercial performance.

The Argina product benefits

Better general engine cleanliness

Fewer crankcase and valve-deck deposits help to prolong filter life and reduce cleaning maintenance.
A clean crankcase also indicates that the less visible engine parts are in good condition. Field trials have demonstrated the improved general engine cleanliness with Shell Argina oils, thanks to its increased resistance to oil stress, which results in fewer deposits.

Improved piston cleanliness

In field trials, Shell Argina oils demonstrated visible improvements in ring belt cleanliness, which can help to prevent ring sticking, blow-by and liner damage. Significant reductions in piston undercrown deposits were also seen. Keeping
the undercrown clean helps to maintain crown cooling, which prevents burning and prolongs piston life.

Greater power to clean and protect

Clean engines are efficient engines. With their increased resistance to fuel oil contamination and physical thickening, Shell Argina oils form fewer deposits as a result of the thermal and asphaltene stresses in heavy-fuel engines.


Shell Argina oils have set the benchmark in managing oil stress for decades. The latest generation has significantly improved low- andhigh-temperature deposit resistance, high base number (BN) retention and resistance to viscosity increase.

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Our deep oil-stress understanding, which is based on 20 years of research, and the development of oil-stress management technology have resulted in Shell Argina products. Years of use have demonstrated that Shell Argina is effective in managing different types of oilstress.