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Tranformer oils

For enhanced protection, extended oil life and excellent system efficiency

Shell Diala. Designed to keep on delivering.

The Shell Diala range of transformer oils helps to protect your equipment and to ensure efficient operation throughout its lifetime. The Shell Diala range has been extended with the introduction of a number of new GTL-based products engineered for optimum performance in the latest generation of transformers.

The latest being the Shell Diala S5 BD which is a high performance, readily biodegradable transformer oil, ideal for operations where both reliability and sustainability are priorities.

  • Sulphor-free products
  • Full DGA-compatibility
  • Increased low temperature fluidity

The Diala product benefits

Equipment protection

An electrical insulating oil lies at the heart of your transformer.The Shell Diala range of electrical insulating oils offers a number of options, including the latest fully inhibited, ultra-low-sulphur technology that meets all the current IEC and ASTM standards for copper corrosion, and is designed to ensure the best possible protection for your high-value assets. Shell also offers special gas-absorbing insulating oils for use in high-electrical-stress applications such as those found in high-voltage, direct-current (HVDC) transformers.

Oil life

A long and predictable oil life is critical to transformer performance. The Shell Diala range of oils includes inhibited and uninhibited electrical insulating oils to give you a choice of performance profiles to best match your requirements. Shell’s latest products meet the IEC 60296 high level of oxidation performance and exceed the 500-hour oxidation test limit.

System efficiency

To help your transformer perform to its design standards, an electrical insulating oil must maintain its characteristics over a wide range of operating temperatures. All the Shell Diala electrical oils are designed to offer excellent heat transfer and dielectric properties, even at the lowest start-up operating temperatures. In addition, Shell Diala oils are formulated to offer excellent resistance to the effects of ageing, sludge formation and deposit build-up.

The Shell Diala range of transformer oil to meet your needs

The Shell Diala range of electrical oils has been developed to enable
equipment manufacturers and power companies to select the oil designed
to deliver optimum value to their operations through enhanced equipment
protection, long oil life and high system efficiency.

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The Shell Diala range of transormer oils has been developed to meet the challenges of a wide range of equipment designs and applications. Shell has designed a portfolio of fluids that enables you to choose a product to match your technical and operational needs.