Shell PANOLIN now available from Univar Solutions

Shell PANOLIN More industry. Less impact.

  • Agriculture
  • Construction
  • Forestry
  • Marine
  • Mining


Shell PANOLIN leverages decades of expertise and a team of specialists dedicated to biodegradables research and development.

Shell PANOLIN offers a wide range of high-performance biodegradable* lubricants, delivering unrivalled protection** for your equipment and the environment you’re working in. Helping you meet your construction goals with less impact.

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* Our finished lubricants biodegraded by over 60% after 28 days in the OECD 301 B carbon dioxide evolution test. ASTM D6384-99, Standard Terminology Relating to Biodegradability and Ecotoxicity of Lubricant.
** S4 HLP Synth 32,46,68 is the only Bosch Rexroth approved biodegradable hydraulic oil, it is designed to help equipment operate without interruptions.