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The AeroShell family

AeroShell is a comprehensive and proven range of turbine and piston engine oils, greases and hydraulic fluids designed specifically for aviation. From pioneering piston-engine aircraft to the latest high-performance gas turbine engines, Shell Aviation has always been there with innovative solutions.

  • World class products for aviation
  • Hyper-clean lubricants
  • Cold temperature excellence

Turbine engine oils

Our collaboration with turbine engine manufacturers has led to the development of a complete range of turbine engine oils, from mineral oil formulations through to leading edge, fully synthetic hindered esters. AeroShell Turbine Oils (ASTO) have demonstrated their flexibility for use both inside and outside today’s hostile turbine engine environment.

Turbine engine oil is used to lubricate the engine: the main shafts, the accessory gearbox, the integrated drive generators, etc., but another fundamental function is to act as an internal coolant for the engine. Those shafts and bearings in the center of the engine, surrounded by gas at temperatures of 1000°C or more, have no means of being cooled other than using the oil as a heat transfer fluid.

Piston engine oils

Most pilots want to minimize the risk of excessive maintenance costs. AeroShells proven protection helps you do just that. But the AeroShell range can also help you cut operation costs. In tests, AeroShell Oil W 15W-50 showed a measurable reduction in fuel consumption compared with single-grade oils. As a multigrade oil, you also remove the cost of changing oil with the seasons. The bottom line is that AeroShell increase engine efficiency and keeps your aircraft in the air for longer. That is great value.

Aeroshell greases

As a result the AeroShell portfolio of greases is one of the most trusted and extensive in the industry. The AeroShell greases will meet your demand, whether it being specialist greases with high-load carrying, extreme temperature and corrosion-inhibition properties or advanced multipurpose grease. The multipurpose greases offer a wide range of performance specifications for simpler maintenance procedures, smaller inventories and reduced risk of product misapplication.

Aeroshell fluids

Shell offers a wide range of hydraulic fluids designed to protect aircraft hydraulic systems, includeing high-quality preservative, calibration, de-icing and avionic cooling fluids as well as lubricating and gearbox oils.

With AeroShell turbine and piston engine oils, greases and hydraulic fluids, these fluids fulfil a wide spectrum of aviation fluid and lubricant needs.

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