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The portfolio of Shell Rimula offers a wide range of high quality heavy duty diesel engine oils that can help you protect your equipment and maximise value.

Using Shell Rimula’s adaptive technology you will benefit from outstanding wear protection with reduced viscosity for improved fuel economy. Shell lubricants adapt physically or chemically to the toughest conditions – no matter how hot, cold, steep, dusty, muddy or extended the operation. Checkout the Shell Rimula product benefits

  • Finest protection and cleaner engine
  • Better fuel economy
  • Less oil consumption

The Shell Rimula product benefits

Acid protection

In the engine, combustion acids can escape into the crankcase. Low quality oils may fail to protect vital components from these acids, leading to corrosion that may cause catastrophic engine failure.

Shell Rimula oils contain powerful antioxidant agents that adapt chemically to neutralise acids before they can damage your oil and your engine.

Deposit protection

Whether it’s piston deposits or crankcase sludge, dirt in your engine can reduce its efficiency and increase your fuel costs. Shell Rimula diesel engine oils contain molecules that adapt to remove and then block deposit-forming particles to help keep engines clean and protected.

Wear control

Wear protection is particularly critical at high-pressure contact points, such as in the engine valve train and gearbox.  Shell Rimula diesel engine oils have adaptive molecules that are designed to protect the engine by reacting under heat and pressure to form a protective film that helps to reduce wear.

Dynamic Protection Plus Technology

Shell Rimula synthetic oils developed with cutting edge Dynamic Protection Plus Technology are designed to keep your engine protected. It’s engine oil that works as hard as you.

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