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Lubricants for businesses

We offer a wide range of innovative lubricants that matches the needs of the marine industry, delivered at the right time and place.


Lubricants for marine

Air compressors

We have a range of air compressor oils that lets you match oil life to your onboard operational needs.

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Environmentally acceptable lubricants

A range of biodegradable lubricants are approved by leading manufacturers for use in applications that have a potential oil-to-sea interface.

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Gear systems

A range of gear oils that enables marine equipment operators to select the oil that will deliver optimum value to their operations through enhanced wear protection and long oil life.

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A comprehensive family of greases designed to meet your needs.

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A complete range of lubricating oils for engines burning gas, heavy fuel, gas oil or liquid biofuel. All of Shell’s engine oils are designed to minimise deposit build-up and to help keep your engine clean.

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Hydraulic systems

A range of hydraulic fluids provides reliable air release filterability and cleanliness to help extend pump life even under the most severe conditions.

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A superior-quality automatic transmission fluid suitable for heavy duty transmissions.

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