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Univar Lubesnake


The new way to grease your fifth wheel

Univar Lubesnake

Univar Lubesnake is a fifth wheel lubrication grease packed in biodegradable sausage skin.
You use one snake per lubrication. One snake contains 330 gr of special grease.

Why do you need to lubricate the fifth wheel?

Univar Lubesnake protects and minimizes wear and tear of the fifth wheel. It helps increase safety as many accidents with trucks going straight in a curve is due to the lack of fifth wheel lubrication. Thus Lubesnake reduces costs as replacing a fifth wheel is very costly.

Why use Univar Lubesnake?

  • Clean: No greasy or smelly containers in the truck, and no dirty gloves or clothes. Overgreasing is also not an option
  • Fast: Univar Lubesnake saves up to 10 minutes per lubrication
  • Safe and timesaving: Reduced time and climbing around on the truck
  • Easy to handle

Applying Lubesnake is very easy!

Here's a 3-step description of how to apply Lubesnake to your fifth wheel.

1. Open Lubesnake package

2. Place Lubesnake on Fifth Wheel

3. Mount trailer, and you're ready to go!
- the new way to grease your fifth wheel

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